Tgroup, your logistics partner

Tgroup has built a logistics network that covers most of the main Italian cities through 47 logistics platforms and 60 distribution points located in strategic positions. To date, the areas dedicated to handling, storage and order preparation cover an area of about 150.000 m² and are equipped to meet all types of logistics requirements. Tgroup ‘s logistic network is in progress because the company moves quickly to meet market demands, choosing the most suitable and functional areas for the logistical service, close to large industrial agglomerations and on the main routes of connection in terms of commercial traffic.

Logistic and distribution platforms
Distribution branches

Logistics Platforms

Points Distributive

Vehicles moving every day

Employees direct

The H24 hubs for deliveries in LTZs

Tgroup has thought about distribution logistics in relation to the position of its hubs/branches on the national territory. Stopping from south to north and vice versa, he service includes the collection of goods (in all regions where the H24 service is active), storage in its hubs/branches,

In the heart of the city

From the Bologna hub to the historic centre

Among the places of art

From the Florence hub to the
historic centre

At the service centre

To Milan, directly in
the LTZs

In a few minutes

From Naples train station to Piazza Plebiscito

La Costiera at a stone’s throw

From the branch of Pompei to Sorrento

O the centre of Caserta

From the Industrial Zone of Teverola

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Logistic solutions in outsourcing

Tgroup, with a qualified team and management software supporting business processes, is equipped to offer outsourcing solutions hat lead to the integration f its activities in the customer’s supply chain. Logistics becomes part of the production process in order to reach the production/consumption sites within the set timescales.

From cost item to growth factor

The knowledge of the demand and the specificity of the logistic offer are characteristics that allow Tgroup to create collaborations, dictated by the will to create a bridge between logistic operators and production companies. Partnerships start with a path of project analysis to often include the total logistics management of companies that have understood the importance of logistics in achieving a competitive advantage.

Advantages of the partnership

Outsourcing is worthwhile for reasons of time, quality and cost. Employees, freed from the activities that do not constitute the core business of a company, are directed towards more productive activities. The result? A eduction in waste and errors as well as in production and distribution times. In a logic of optimisation: to produce only what is required by the market by achieving cost containment .

Joint responsibility
Quality & Safety